Friday Letter: Returning to the in-person conference

Looking forward to our New York conference and what investors are thinking about.

A year-and-a-half into the pandemic, it’s safe to say that some things have become commonplace.

Take for example virtual events. Since early last year, I’ve participated in panel discussions and roundtables over Zoom. And I’ve met a lot of people through my laptop’s video camera from all over the world who I likely never would have met face-to-face pre-pandemic. So it hasn’t been all bad.

But I’ll have a new experience next week. On October 6, I’ll be in New York to participate in-person in our PartnerConnect East conference taking place at the Harvard Club. This is the same conference Venture Capital Journal has put on nationwide for the past 10-plus years. The last time I participated in one of these was in December 2019 in Dallas, and we talked about the robust fundraising pace in venture and the exit outlook. Not much has changed since then.

But clearly this one in New York is a bit different, since it’s the first one for me amid covid-19.

On stage, you can look for me in the morning as I am expected to interview Neto Alexander of AlixPartners to discuss carve-outs, deal structures, key economic considerations and recent trends in the market.

In the afternoon, I’m moderating a panel that’s scheduled to include McKeever “Mac”  Conwell, II of RareBreed Ventures, Chip Hazard of Flybridge Capital Partners and Natalie Hwang of Apeira Capital Advisors.

We’ll talk about all the recent activity and trends in venture. And that means we have plenty to choose from, such as diverse-led funds and diversity investing, rising valuations, the democratization of access to the asset class, influx of SPACs, robust fundraising pace, increased competition at all investment stages and an increase in emerging managers in the market. Something for everyone.

Let me know if you have suggested questions for me to ask the speakers.

And if you’re in attendance at the Harvard Club, be sure to stop and say hi.

You can hit me up at