From the Editor: Prying Open Lids

When Connie Loizos first pitched me the idea of writing about entrepreneur horror stories, I said, “Sounds great, but do you think you’ll be able to get anybody to talk?” I’ve learned in my 17 years of journalism that people tend to be less friendly with the press when you want to discuss their failures. Much to my surprise, Connie did get people to talk. In spades.

Connie, who we lured away from Dow Jones in January, is one of those rare reporters who have a knack for getting people to talk about difficult subjects. That is evident in this month’s Cover Story (page 28). I guarantee that the stories shared by VCs in “The Toxic Entrepreneur” will make you laugh and cringe, maybe at the same time.

Connie also got John Hummer to open up about the travails of Hummer Winblad in the News Analysis story to the right of this page. John makes some surprisingly candid statements about where his firm went wrong and what it’s doing to right itself.

Then there is the Q&A with Ron Conway, the Silicon Valley angel who rose to fame in the dot-com bubble. Ron lowered his profile after the bubble burst, and he still isn’t granting many interviews. But once again, Connie got him to talk. (See Top of Mind, page 78.) Connie is patiently working on getting some other brand-name investors to talk. I don’t want to give away anything, so you?ll just have to wait for future issues.