From the Editor: We Can’t Forget –

I was reading that more than 300 hours of television programming about Sept. 11 were being planned between Labor Day and the first anniversary of that tragic day. By the time you read this column, that number will certainly have increased. And that doesn’t even factor in the number of newspapers, magazines, books and radio programs that will mark the event.

Some say it’s all too much and that it will only serve to reopen wounds that barely have had time to heal. Our New York staff, located a block from Ground Zero, is reminded daily of what happened, so we can relate to that sentiment. At times, it seems like the media won’t allow us to forget what happened, even when some may want to.

Despite how painful it is to reflect on Sept. 11, we felt it was important to look at how that day affected the venture capital community, not only to remember the victims, like David Retik and Christopher Mello of Alta Communications, but also to examine how VCs responded as a whole.

Many of you called or sent letters of condolence to Alta after the tragedy, so we feel certain that you’d like to know how the firm’s partners have managed since Sept. 11 and what they’ve done to keep the memory of “Dave” and “Chris” alive (see “