Gaming Startups Merge To Form Blade Games

Digini Inc. and Vyk Games have merged to form Blade Games Inc., a company that will provide both game development systems and outsourcing services. It will be led by former Digini CEO Tony Garcia, with former Vyk CEO serving as president. Digini had raised a small amount of funding from California Technology Ventures, while Vyk had raised capital from China Seed Ventures.



Two leading game development resources, Digini and Vyk Games, combined forces today to form Blade Games ( A new breed of integrated solution provider, Blade Games combines game development systems and outsourcing services to empower game makers of all levels to pursue their passion and bring their ideas to life. The company will be headed by Chief Executive Officer Tony Garcia, formerly CEO of Digini, and President Tom Sperry, previously CEO of Vyk Games.


Commenting on the merger, Blade Games newly-appointed CEO Tony Garcia stated, “As an industry, we must constantly create better tools and more efficient ways to build games. Our merger is a major step in this direction. It provides every type of game developer, from the teenager in his bedroom to the largest studio, a comprehensive tool set and digital asset library not previously available.”


Blade Games’ new offering substantially changes the video game development landscape. The new company combines its flagship product, Blade3D and the Blade3D Marketplace with top-shelf creative services provided by the company’s offices in Shanghai. The combined services allow developers to stay within one environment for the entire process, which dramatically cuts down on costs and time. Moreover, the ever-increasing marketplace of assets, made available through the company’s proven development teams in Shanghai and Nanjing, China, can deploy “in game” assets more quickly and efficiency than ever before.


“We look forward to continuing our leadership position in the games outsourcing space while changing the accessibility of game development by using our combined strengths for a one-stop solution that serves the needs of the entire video game industry,” said President Tom Sperry.


Blade3D is provided through an affordable monthly subscription, significantly reducing up-front investment and the cost of incremental upgrades. The intuitive interface seamlessly blends all disciplines of game creation, from artist to designer to programmer. The technology is integrated with the XNA Game Studio 3.0, enabling development and publishing of games for Windows and/or Xbox360 without the requirement of a costly development kit. Blade3D is available with price points of $14.95 per month for hobbyists and students, $29.95 per month for independent developers, and $99.95 per month for professional developers.


About Blade Games



Based in Bellevue, Washington, with offices in Shanghai and Nanjing, China, Blade Games is the newly formed company combining Digini and Vyk Games. The company offers a complete video game development solution accessible to any and all developers, from the students to the professional studio. The company is led by a strong executive team with management experience from Electronic Arts, Microsoft Game Studios, Microsoft Visual Studio, Motorola, and Lucas Arts. Additional information about Blade3D, including price points and product offerings are available at