Globalive Technology acquires call option to buy control of Flexiti

Globalive Technology has acquired a call option to buy Globalive Capital (GC)’s control position in Flexiti Financial, a Toronto-based point-of-sale financing and payment technology company. The deal is linked to a joint venture between Globalive Technology and Flexiti, announced this week, to build and commercialize software utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for the consumer loans market. Earlier this month, GC acquired control of Flexiti as a result of a $50 million investment backing the company’s buy of TD Financing Services‘ private label credit card portfolio. GC also controls Globalive Technology.


Globalive Technology Acquires Call Option to Purchase Globalive Capital Control Position in Flexiti Financial

Flexiti Financial is a leading fintech private label credit card issuer that has grown its consumer credit to over $300 million in less than three years with a compound monthly growth rate of 30%
Flexiti Financial’s monthly revenue has crossed over $3 million, with new loan originations passing $20 million per month
Globalive Technology’s proprietary commercialization process for AI and blockchain will optimize security and financial performance of portfolio
Globalive Technology will license the AI and blockchain software solution to financial services firms globally

TORONTO, June 21, 2018 /CNW/ – Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE), an artificial intelligence and blockchain technology commercialization firm, has acquired a call right from and amended a put right previously granted to Globalive Capital (“GC”) over its control position in Flexiti Financial (“Flexiti”), a leading fintech company and private label credit card issuer in Canada. Globalive Technology’s independent directors Kingsley Ward, Managing Partner of VRG Capital and Jason Theofilos, Co-Founder of Mundo led the transaction on behalf of Globalive Technology.

Globalive Technology has previously announced a technology joint venture agreement with Flexiti. Under this agreement Globalive Technology expects to leverage Flexiti’s $300 million loan portfolio, 1.1 million customers and related historical loan data to build AI and blockchain platforms to optimize consumer financing at the point-of-sale.

“Securing this option to acquire a control position in Flexiti is an important step forward for the development of our AI and blockchain platforms,” said Anthony Lacavera, Globalive Technology’s Founder and CEO. “Flexiti is a leading fintech company and an incredible growth story, having grown from zero to $300 million in originations on their private label credit card platform in only three years. Its substantial ecosystem of customers and merchants will be key as we build out our software.”

Flexiti recently acquired TD Financing Services’ Canadian private label credit card portfolio, on which more than 2 million transactions valued at more than $3 billion have been facilitated. The Flexiti portfolio is currently generating over $20 million of new originations per month.

Once this platform is operational at scale, Globalive Technology intends to license the technology to global fintech companies. This will allow Globalive Technology to participate in revenue growth and cost savings created by the blockchain-based platform.

GC holds a controlling stake in both Globalive Technology and Flexiti.

Terms of the Transaction
Under the terms of the call right, Globalive Technology can require GC to sell its ownership and control position in Flexiti in exchange for 13.33 million Globalive Technology shares. The put right has been amended to increase the price payable to GC from 3.33 million shares of Globalive Technology to 5 million shares. The exercise of the call right and the consummation of this transaction would be subject to similar conditions as those applicable to the put right, including the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange (the “TSXV”) and satisfying any conditions the TSXV might impose. In addition, the call right is subject to there being no material adverse change in the business of Globalive Technology. There can be no assurance that either the put or the call will be exercised or if exercised, that TSXV approval will be obtained.

For more information relating to the exercise of the put option, subject to amendments noted in this press release, readers should refer to the description of the original Put/ROFR Agreement as set out in the Filing Statement filed by Globalive Technology on May 29, 2018 and available on its SEDAR page at

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