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Google Ventures leads funding round for FullStory

FullStory, a customer analytics firm in Atlanta, has secured an undisclosed amount of funding. Google Ventures led the round with participation by former CEO of ISS Tom Noonan.


ATLANTA, Georgia – July 16, 2014 – Customer experience analytics firm FullStory announced open signups starting today, after having closed a round of funding led by Google Ventures, with participation by former CEO of ISS Tom Noonan. The Atlanta­based startup of ex­Googlers, including former Google Atlanta site lead Bruce Johnson, plans to use the funds to accelerate FullStory’s product development and expand sales and marketing efforts for its “users first”customer experience platform.

FullStory is capitalizing on a growing awareness among businesses of the importance of positive customer experiences online. “The correlations are so strong that it’s likely that nothing else you do matters more than customer experience,” according to Forrester Research’s Harley Manning , referencing a five­year consumer study that directly connects customer experience to customer retention and likelihood to recommend. FullStory’s technology helps product and support teams better understand good and bad customer experiences by making it easy for website owners to record, replay, and analyze real­world user sessions with high fidelity.

“There’s widespread discontent among product teams regarding the tools of their trade. Traditional analytics—numbers and charts displayed on a dashboard—tend to turn people into statistics. That’s too abstract, and it doesn’t motivate real product changes,” according to Scott Voigt, FullStory CEO. “In contrast, we’ve seen that FullStory’s DVR­like record/replay approach can catalyze improvements surprisingly quickly because it humanizes a website’s users in the eyes of both the product team and executives. Once you see someone obviously struggling with your website, you feel compelled to make it better. And that’s great for users.”

Hubspot, an early FullStory customer, has used FullStory to validate new product features and reduce the time to process support tickets. “It’s like the ultimate user­testing library,” says Matt Bilotti at HubSpot. “Everybody in every role can extract some take­away when they’re curious about something from the customer’s eyes: engineers, support, product managers, execs. Pretty much everyone”.

“FullStory enables product, marketing and support teams to understand what users are experiencing in their products,” said Google Ventures General Partner Karim Faris. “They offer a natural way for companies to explore product and customer data that typically is buried in log files. The team is exceptionally strong, and their approach is clever, well differentiated, and builtto scale to mass traffic on the largest publishers.”

About FullStory: Founded by a team of former Googlers devoted to improving the web for users, FullStory is a rapidly growing customer experience analytics platform that gives web product and support teams unprecedented insight into the interactions of visitors and customers. FullStory integrates with leading support ticketing systems such as Zendesk, and HelpScout in order to let agents quickly replay user sessions precediting a support case. For more information, visit