Grabr picks up $3.5 mln

San Francisco-based Grabr, an international goods platform, has raised $3.5 million in funding. Alexey Repik of RBV Capital led the round.


Grabr, the SF-based platform introducing a faster and more convenient way to have international goods delivered straight to the consumer, today announces $3.5M in funding led by Alexey Repik of RBV Capital and participated by Konstantin Nikolaev of N-Trans Group, among investments from multiple angel investors.

This seed round will help Grabr further its mission toward creating a globally connected network of shoppers and travelers.
Since its founding, Grabr has connected over 50,000 users. By connecting them to Travelers, the platform gives Shoppers the chance to obtain consumer goods that are difficult to find online, have high price differentiators between geographic markets, or are found only in unique, specified locations. Not only does the Grabr community allow Shoppers the opportunity to shop around the world, but it also empowers Travelers to profit from the empty space in their suitcases.

Grabr has established itself as a driving force in today’s commercial and travel markets, powering the future of international shopping.

By connecting shoppers from all over the world on one sleek, consumer-foward platform, Grabr has created an unprecedentedly seamless solution for purchasing foreign products. The platform spans the globe with reach in the United States, with rising popularity in Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, and Ukraine.

“We are inspired by peer-to-peer and sharing economies as well as marketplaces, and we wanted to combine these two to create one that would influence people’s lives in different countries by giving them access to global shopping and making travel more affordable,” said Daria Rebenok, CEO and cofounder of Grabr. “Our team of investors has a deep understanding of global logistics, commerce, and flows in the on-demand space around the world.”

Since the company’s inception in 2015, the Grabr team has been joined by various angel investors including RBV Capital and N-Trans Group, and has raised $3.5M in funding to date with the close of this seed round. The company will use its new financing to expand their peer-to-peer platform and strengthen the global logistics behind the service, furthering their connection to various markets across the world.

“We’ve only seen the beginning of how peer-to-peer sharing will impact global communities, and Grabr is by far the most disruptive platform we’ve encountered in this space,” said Alexey Repik, Managing Partner at RBV Capital. “We’re very impressed with what Daria and the Grabr team have managed to build in just one year and are looking forward to what the future holds.”

About Grabr
Founded in March 2015 by Daria Rebenok and Artem Fedyaev, Grabr promotes human connection on the international level by introducing the most reliable, fastest, and most personal peer-to-peer platform in the world. The mutually beneficial platform offers travelers an added sense of adventure, some extra cash, and a chance to meet new people, while buyers get access to goods that they otherwise couldn’t buy. The only global, peer­-to­-peer network to offer secure payments and an in-app messaging platform, Grabr has created a brand new category of peer-to-peer logistics.