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Graphene Frontiers nabs $1.6 mln

Graphene Frontiers has raised $1.6 million in Series Seed B funding. A group affliated with Trimaran Capital Partners led the round with participation from R2M Investments and WEMBA 36 Angels. A spin-out from the University of Pennsylvania, Graphene Frontiers aims to provide graphene solutions.


PHILADELPHIA, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Mike Patterson, CEO of Graphene Frontiers, announced the successful closing of $1.6 million in Series Seed B funding to finance production of cutting edge biological and chemical sensors for the life science, defense, intelligence, and environmental industries. A group affiliated with Trimaran Capital Partners led the round and was joined by R2M Investments. Return backers include WEMBA 36 Angels.

Said Patterson, “This round of funding will ensure Graphene Frontier’s position as one of the leading graphene technology companies in the world. The investment will be utilized to hire additional Ph.D. level researchers, expand laboratory facilities, and facilitate the development of Graphene Frontiers’ breakthrough, proprietary sensors and manufacturing process that supports mass production for industrial and commercial uses,” he noted.

Graphene Frontiers markets its sensor technology under the six™ sensor brand name. Observed Patterson, “our six™ brand graphene sensors will disrupt the global sensor market because of their dramatically superior technology, lower cost and ability to deliver higher quality results more efficiently.”

Six™ sensor technology offers significant advantages over sensors made from other materials:
greater sensitivity, higher detection limits.
greater speed presenting diagnostic data.
smaller, lighter size provides breakthrough portability design possibilities.
label-free, all-electronic readout eliminates need for highly skilled technicians and expensive laboratory.
can be mass produced at a lower cost.
can be multi-plexed to quantify dozens of biomarkers from a single micro sample.

Graphene Frontiers was founded in 2010 as a spin-out from the University of Pennsylvania. The company is winner of a National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR Phase II grant to commercialize its innovative, patent pending, manufacturing process. Graphene Frontiers’ proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process and etch-free film transfer works at atmospheric pressure, superior to other graphene processes, enabling mass production of graphene on a commercial scale.

Graphene is an advanced nanomaterial consisting of a carbon sheet only 1 atomic layer thick. It is the lightest, strongest, most electrically conductive material known. People have called it the “miracle material of the 21st century” because it offers superior properties to any material in current use.