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Green Visor Capital backs Madrone

Madrone has secured an undisclosed investment from Green Visor Capital. Madrone is a platform that helps asset management firms analyze and automate portfolio and business decisions.


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Visor Capital, a venture capital firm focused exclusively on early stage financial technology companies, has announced an investment in Madrone.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Madrone has built a cloud based platform for asset management institutions to analyze and automate portfolio and business decisions. The company was founded in 2013 with a view towards leveraging technology to transform the way capital is allocated to alternative asset managers. Madrone’s team has significant experience with leading asset management and information service firms such as Guggenheim Partners, SAC Capital, Man Group and Thomson Reuters, among others. Madrone’s platform aggregates and analyzes the building blocks of all asset management companies, transactions and decisions, to deliver a product that offers material value to both managers and investors in the form of decision analytics, content management and capital matching.

Michael Siminoff, Founder of Madrone, noted: “Our firm is changing how asset managers select securities, size positions, and risk manage portfolios. We unbundle fund products to analyze decisions at the transaction level revealing true sources of alpha, new product opportunities, unintended risks, and cognitive biases. As the $13 trillion mutual fund industry and the $3 trillion hedge fund industry converge and the number of products explode there is increased need for a digital platform to facilitate diligence, distribution, and monitoring. Madrone will be that platform.”

Siminoff continued: “We look forward to working with the Green Visor Capital team. They are committed to helping us realize our vision and build a platform uniquely positioned to meet the current and future needs of our customers.”

Michael Walsh, General Partner of Green Visor Capital, said: “Madrone has combined modern technology with knowledge acquired while in senior positions at industry leading firms to create a next generation asset management platform. In an industry that is increasingly competitive and quantitative, we believe Madrone’s technology will be an indispensable tool for those investors and managers that want to stay ahead of the pack.”

About Madrone |
Madrone is a cloud based platform for asset management institutions to analyze and automate portfolio and business decisions. Madrone’s investor tool empowers investors with accurate data, superior transparency, and predictive analytics to help them construct optimal portfolios. Its asset manager tools allow funds to gain new insight into their patterns of success and failure and avoid unintended bets.

About Green Visor Capital |
Green Visor Capital invests in, and works with, passionate entrepreneurs that use innovative technology to solve substantive issues in financial services and do so in a socially responsible manner, which we believe will lead to the generation of large-scale shareholder value. Green Visor Capital was launched in late 2013 by Simon Yoo, and its general partners include Joe Saunders, the former Chairman and CEO of Visa, Inc., the world’s largest payments company. Learn more at