Greenwave Opportunity Fund targets $250 mln

Greenwave Opportunity Fund is seeking to raise $250 million. The fund will invest in, acquire and develop clean energy projects focusing on real estate, energy and water applications.


Greenwave Opportunity Fund launches to invest, acquire and develop venture backed Clean Energy projects focusing on Real Estate, Energy, and Water Applications. The fund is authorized to raise $250 million for Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses (QOZB). In addition, the Fund will be the venture capital backing for Greenwave Holding Franchise to promote regional visibility and strength in the delivery of clean energy innovation across a diverse marketplace. Greenwave deploys a proactive position on not only clean energy, but ensuring there is a supply of electricity when hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and any number of reasons that an interruption to the supply of electricity occurs. “Now is the time to improve energy resiliency across the diverse marketplace by taking advantage of the unique and comprehensive energy applications delivered by Greenwave Holdings” says Greenwave Holdings CEO, Jami Krynski.

The Fund’s Investment Strategy
The Fund’s primary investment strategy is to invest in QOZB’s, equity issued by private, high-growth businesses; All business formats must be proven concepts with demonstrated acceptance of product and service offerings that can be replicated and transferred by experienced business operators into new geographic or in-fill markets within Opportunity Zones. By doing so, the Fund aims to create a diversified income stream from a relative geographically and brand diverse QOZ group of businesses operating with company owned operations and proven national and regional business formats with proven product and service offerings. The Fund will focus its investments and co-investments in businesses that generally have historical revenue, positive cash flow, attractive operating margins, experienced management teams, and revenue growth potential believed to be strong enough to deliver targeted internal rates of return of the Fund.

The Fund’s secondary investment strategy is to invest in QOZ securities issued by private and public Real Estate Developments and businesses that are: (i) We invest growth capital in extraordinary companies and entrepreneurs that can change the world. We help companies take ideas from niche to mass and capitalize on multi-billion dollar market opportunities. (ii) Be a catalyst for high growth businesses; (iii) Impact Investing – investments to generate measurable economic impact in Opportunity Zones by serving as a significant component to the developing entrepreneurial ecosystem; All business formats must be proven concepts with demonstrated acceptance of product and service offerings that can be replicated and transferred by experienced business operators into new geographic or in-fill markets within Opportunity Zones.

Investment Objective
The Fund will provide much needed capital for clean energy assets including Water and Storage, Real Estate repurposing, and revitalizing the energy systems creating new value. Small Business development, Commercial Real Estate, Economic Development and Infrastructure Development are additional objectives that Greenwave Holdings has for franchising for regional clean energy investment nationally.

Energy Industry
Clean energy’s rapid growth has unquestionably started to transform the energy landscape in irreversible ways. Electrification accounts for approximately 19% of total energy consumption.

As the costs of clean energy technologies have fallen, the business case for clean energy has become a major driver of change. Mature clean energy technologies, including Hydropower and Geothermal, have been cost-competitive for years where they operate. However, technologies such as solar and wind have also gained a competitive edge as a result of technological advances and increased investment. The steep decline in costs of clean energy and energy storage has surprised even the most optimistic observers. Once dismissed as too expensive to expand beyond niche markets, solar and wind can now beat conventional generation technologies on cost in many of the world’s top markets, even without subsidies.

There has been a growing focus and investor/capital concentration around a comprehensive application for Clean and Green energy to reduce energy costs and improve the environment. Limited environmental improvements from conventional energy, coupled by raising energy costs have generated a Green Energy revolution. Energy demand at the same time is predicted to grow by more than 30% by 2035.

Demand for electricity is forecasted to grow twice as fast as total energy consumption and leading prices will rise by unprecedented rates. This volatility coupled by the national and global Green Energy movement has driven the need for clean and sustainable sources of energy. The price of fossil fuels represents nothing but a massive risk exposure for anyone who is responsible for an operational portfolio. What is left are compelling financial reasons to voluntarily source clean energy.

Poor national grid operational performance has left the national rate base citizens exposed to disruptive energy supply and unpredictable rise in energy economics giving further support and desire to improve resiliency and efficiency. Lack of control and poor recovery by national utility and grid operators has exposed citizens to safety and environmental impacts that will take generations to overcome. Clean energy and energy independence are at the core of economics, security and improvements to the environment. “Safety and saving lives is at the core of Greenwave’s offering by delivering cleaner electricity and ensuing much needed power is available when it’s needed,” says Greenwaves CEO Jami Krynski. “Failing energy infrastructure, natural disaster relief, and dirty conventional energy are things that Greenwave strives to improve through the deployment of clean and resilient energy,” says Greenwave Co-Founder Colton Cooper. Poor effort and lack of progress in energy policy development across the United States have left many corporations setting objectives to improve sustainability and reduce carbon footprint across the entire marketplace. At the rate of energy increase many corporations have no choice but to voluntarily move toward Greenwave for Clean Energy Innovation. In an Improving Clean Energy environment corporations and individuals are moving toward Clean and Green Energy generating the potential to add growth to an investor’s portfolio and serve as a replacement to the utility equities in the energy segment of an accredited investor’s portfolio.

About Jami Krynski CEO
High Energy, results driven, executive project and program management professional with 25 years experience. Small business founder, and an ability to stay in the cutting edge. Specializes in developing & executing strategic plans, building & leading top-notch, cross-functional teams in high-pressure, fast paced and rapidly changing environments, managing people & program budgets. Broad experience in assuring adherence to the highest level of safety and quality standards while delivering expert problem-solving and building highly successful Teams.

Mr. Krynski is known as a dynamic, versatile, results driven leader and mentor. Continually challenging himself and others to strive for excellence, he focus on leadership has garnered the development of teams orchestrating difficult turnarounds and transforming world class organizations & delivering continuous success through building, leading, and inspiring high-performance organizations to achieve exceptional bottom-line results.

Opportunity Zone Investment
Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) have attracted significant attention as a potential major source of untapped capital to revitalize underserved communities and as an outlet for investors to preserve capital gains by unlocking substantial tax incentives, while potentially generating additional investment yields. Enacted as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Opportunity Zones program was established to encourage social advancement and private investment in low-income communities to aid job creation and new business formation. The program incentivizes investment by allowing for a deferral of capital gains, reducing tax obligation on a portion of those gains and, most notably, allowing QOZ investments to grow tax-free.

About Opportunity Zone Funds
Defer Capital Gain Tax.
Under the program, an investor can defer capital gains taxes until 2027 if realized gains are invested in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund within 180 days of the sale. Deferred gains owed are decreased by 10% after five years, and another 5% after seven years of investment. The deferred capital gains will be realized Dec. 31, 2026 and due by April 15, 2027.
Eliminate Taxes on Investment.

All capital gains taxes are eliminated after ten years of investment into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOZF). Note: Investments into a QOZF do not have to be from capital gains to realize the ten year elimination of taxes.

About EazyDoit Inc.
EazyDoIt, Inc. is an opportunity fund creation company based in Virginia Beach, Va. EazyDoIt works with clients to develop a structured turn-key solution for business owners, real estate development projects, high net worth individuals and family offices looking to set up an opportunity fund experience. EazyDoit is recognized as a Top 10 OZ Influencer and is a leader in the Opportunity Fund Creation industry. CEO David Sillaman is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Counsel and EazyDoIt Funds have been recognized by FinTek News, Business Insider, Market Insider, Senior Housing News & Silicon Review to name a few. Mr. Sillaman is a frequent speaker at National Opportunity Zone Events, including the CDFA Florida Opportunity Zone Conference and past Opportunity Zone Expo Conferences. EazyDoIt has built one sixth (1/6) of all the opportunity funds in the market space today, with a strong emphasis on business based opportunity funds.

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