Greg Blonder –

VCJ Fact Sheet for Greg Blonder

Born: 1955 in New Jersey.

Education: SB in Physics from MIT; PhD in Physics from Harvard University.

Career Path: Greg Blonder is a general partner with Morgenthaler. He joined the firm in 2000 AT&T Ventures, where led a number of research divisions at Bell Labs, including the Material Science, Optical Devices and Consumer Expectations Research Labs. He was also Chief Technical Advisor for the AT&T Corp. Greg holds over sixty patents, in areas ranging from MEMs, PDA user interfaces, optical components, and Internet transaction services.

Venture Focus: Optical Components, Broadband Communications

Investments: InPlane Photonics, Key Optics ; Lamina Ceramics, LightChip, NanoOpto, Princeton Lightwave and Xebeo Communications.

Personal: Comes from a family of auto mechanics.

Greatest Accomplishment: Starting the planar optics program at Lucent

Biggest Mistake: Waiting too long to leave AT&T and become a full-time VC

If you weren’t a VC, you’d be an? Architect.

Pet Peeve: Sloppy data interpretation.

Did You Know? Greg spends spare time inventing toys.

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