Hamilton Lane launches second impact fund

Following the close of Hamilton Lane's first impact fund in July on $95m, the firm is expanding its impact investing platform.

Hamilton Lane has launched its second impact fund, Hamilton Lane Impact Fund II, a closed-end fund for qualified investors aimed at investing in transformative technologies with measurable environmental and social impact.

Fund II follows the initial Hamilton Lane Impact Fund, which closed with $95 million in capital commitments in July. Fund I made direct as well as secondary investments across its geographies and strategies with a focus on health and wellness, energy and environments, community development and social empowerment sectors. Fund II will seek to invest across geographies and strategies, such as buyout, growth, late-stage venture, credit and real assets and with a focus on transformative technologies.

Among the technologies the firm hopes to target are SaaS businesses, digital education software, technologies in the energy industry and more, David Helgerson, managing director and co-head of impact at Hamilton Lane told Venture Capital Journal.

“All of the technologies [we’re targeting] are deploying innovation in different ways,” he said. “Often they’re disruptive technologies, or sometimes they’re helping us to do more with less, be more efficient, or deliver better outcomes or services.”

He added, “There are a lot of different ways that innovation and transformative technologies are helping to make the world a better place, both environmentally and socially.”

The firm hopes to receive even wider interest from investors with the launch of Fund II. “There’s certainly increased interest [this year] and we are certainly hoping to reach a broader investor base as we raise Fund II,” Jackie Rantanen, managing director and co-head of impact told VCJ.

“We were pleased with the diversified group of investors that came into Fund I across different geographies and investor type, and we expect that will be the same for Fund II.”

The firm’s inaugural impact fund has so far made 13 investments in businesses with positive social and environmental outcomes, and it manages more than $2.5 billion in impact strategies.