HCV to receive $100 mln from Global DMA518

Global DMA518 Ltd. has agreed to provide Harbor City DMA Ventures LLC with $100 million in venture funding. HCV is a developer of digital marketing arbitrage solutions.


HONG KONG, February 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –Global DMA518 Ltd. (GDL, or the Company) is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with Harbor City DMA Ventures LLC (HCV) to provide HCV with venture capital funding of USD$100 million.

GDL was created to take advantage of unconventional and lucrative venture capital and investment opportunities, specifically in the emerging technology and marketing sectors. The agreement with HCV fulfills all of the Company’s investment criteria.

Its first transaction since incorporating in November 2014, the Company will raise USD$100 million for HCV on a best efforts basis. GDL’s initial offering will consist of an innovative participation vehicle with a defined return.

GDL President and CEO David Goh lauded HCV’s business model, and stated, “HCV is truly at the cutting edge of Results Based Advertising. The recent article in The Street outlines the great success HCV has had with 60% returns enjoyed by HCV and its investors last year. By thinking outside the box, CEO JP Maroney and his team have been able to prove a groundbreaking model of Digital Marketing Arbitrage that can provide significant returns to investors.”

GDL will provide HCV with the capital to execute HCV’s proprietary advertising programs, known as Digital Marketing Arbitrage. In return, GDL will receive a monthly payment for the use of the funds.

Harbor City DMA Ventures LLC was incorporated in 2014 to undertake large scale Marketing Arbitrage. Marketing Arbitrage is an online marketing activity whereby a company contracts to provide leads for another company for a fee.

In January of 2014, HCV officially kicked off its first Digital Marketing Arbitrage programs with modest “trial” investments. These initial investments averaged 87% ROI across the board. On some 7-day cycles the company exceeded 120% ROI on the capital invested.

“We shattered our first year goal for capital raising in 2014, and now with this funding deal from Global DMA518 Ltd we’re on target to reach our third year goal by the end of Harbor City’s second year,” said CEO JP Maroney. “Many of our most profitable campaigns will immediately scale up as this capital begins arriving. Our whole team is excited!”

GDL will fund HCV by offering Participation Certificates to its current and growing network of high net-worth and institutional investors and will seek the assistance of a financial marketing partner.

About Global DMA518 Ltd.
Global DMA 518 Ltd. was formed in 2014 to identify and assess unique investment opportunities from around the globe that have the potential to yield exceptionally high returns for its investors. It has now entered into a funding contract with Harbor City DMA Ventures LLC, a highly profitable company in the business of Digital Marketing Arbitrage.