Helping to Further Flatten the World, One Map at a Time…

In my debut blog for peHub, Dan has graciously provided me the forum to selfishly promote our newest investment at RedShift Ventures, a Series A funding for TerraGo Technologies. Gotta love these New Media-oriented reporters – thanks Dan!!

TerraGo Technologies is focused on leveraging the Adobe platform to provide robust geospatial data to the masses… or at least starting with the “masses” that are those enterprise employees who haven’t realized all these years that the guys down the hallway in the GIS department actually work on something called Geospatial Information Systems. 

Turns out there’s already a multi-billion market that’s developed for GIS in the government, architecture, engineering, construction, oil & gas, retail, and utility sectors. But somebody needed to map the path (sorry, couldn’t help myself with the pun) from the GIS folks and the black magic of their sophisticated, highly-specialized and complex systems to everyone else in the enterprise.

 Furthermore, given the interest level in Google Maps, Microsoft Earth, AOL Mapquest and the uptake in Garmin GPS devices, etc, just about everyone is starting to get more and more engaged with geospatial data at some level. TerraGo’s GeoPDF platform is empowering more and more of those folks to engage in a simple but rich manner with the underlying data in their maps and other geospatial data, allowing them to interact and collaborate at a level never seen before. Put another way, using TerraGo’s GeoPDF program allows anyone to access complex mapping data through the PDF format they already know and understand…it’s like showing up at Hertz to rent a car and all of your radio stations, CDs, seat settings, etc are all there for you!

We’re also very pleased to be working with CNF (the private equity and venture capital arm of Clark Enterprises, one of the largest construction firms in the country) and In-Q-Tel (the investment arm of the U.S. Intelligence Community), two great strategic investors who know the value of good, robust, collaborative, scalable geospatial data.

Finally, we made the investment because it fit well within two of our investment themes – first, it’s a spin-off from a larger company and second, it’s got a proven management team in place, led by serial Atlanta entrepreneur/executive James Davis. In backing a team that is leveraging an existing platform which already has significant traction with customers in multiple market verticals, we feel like we’ve mapped out (ok, sorry, but just had to work the pun again) a strategy to building a great company.

…but time, a lot of hard work, effort and maybe some luck will tell!