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Index of VC-backed stocks gained 24 percent during 2017

The Thomson Reuters’ Post Venture Capital Index (PVCI) gained 24 percent, or 234 points, to end 2017 at 1,200.19.

It was the fourth consecutive monthly gain for the PVCI, which rose 20.56 points above the November-ending mark.

The index value began 2017 at 966 points and reached above 1,200 points in only one other month in 2017, in February.

The year-long rise in the PVCI followed a similar path as the Nasdaq and the S&P also gained in value over the year.

At the end of December, the PVCI was comprised of 321 companies. Of the stocks tracked, 178 advanced in value in the month while 143 declined.

The number of companies in the index rises and falls, depending on new issues or as the companies fold or are acquired. Also, companies remain in the PVCI for only 10 years.

A total of 44 of the advancing stocks last during the month were in the computer software sector. Biotech companies saw 31 stocks gain ground during December.

The largest group of decliners was in biotech with 43, followed by computer software with 30 decliners.

Facebook, as it typically does each month, ranked as the company with top market value, as of Dec. 29, followed by Tesla and NXP Semiconductors.

The index is calculated daily and does not take into account dividends.

The PVCI began in January 1986 with an initialized index value of 100.

Download Data: PVCI as of Dec. 29, 2017

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