Adds VC-Related Sites –

NEW YORK – Corp., an e-business and Internet technology network, recently launched two complementary Web sites – and – to track the growth of venture capital investments in Internet companies. provides free news on venture capitalists, the funds they raise and their deal flow from sources such as Red Herring, the Boston Globe, PR Newswire, Reuters Ltd. and InternetNews. Subscribers can also sign up for a free e-mail daily newsletter, which lists all of the Web site’s headlines, said Alan Meckler,’s chairman and chief executive.

Visitors at the site can find similar information on some 2,000 venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. Users can also view its “VC Buzz” daily report, which offers content about recent deals, industry professionals and VC firms. developed both sites internally, and links to them appear on the Internet Stocks/VC Channel portion of the site. wants to be the number one source of information for Internet venture capital firms, just as the Wall Street Journal is to the business world.

“We believe we will ultimately be the most comprehensive array of products” offering Internet-related venture capital content, Meckler said. is a network of Web sites, e-mail newsletters and online discussion forums, all offering Internet-specific content. The company serves an audience consisting of Internet industry and technology professionals, Web developers and experienced Internet users.