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Israel-based startup Curiyo grabs $1.9 mln

Curiyo has received $1.9 million in seed funding. The investors included OurCrowd, Cedar Fund, Morton Meyerson of 2M, Kima Ventures, former Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer, Gigi Levy and JumpSpeed Ventures. In conjunction with the funding, Glocer has been added to Curiyo’s advisory board. Based in Jerusalem, Curiyo is a content discovery and curation tool.


Jerusalem, Israel, June 25, 2014 — Curiyo™, a Jerusalem-based company founded by Bob Rosenschein, founder and former CEO of top 20 U.S. Web property, is launching Curiyo for Publishers today with USA TODAY, initially in the Life section. Curiyo is a content discovery and curation tool which helps publishers increase user retention and add a layer of content in context without users leaving the page.

Curiyo is available in multiple new forms: downloadable browser extension, mobile app for Android, WordPress plugin, and a 1-line JavaScript package for publishers. Once integrated, users can click on selected words for which they want additional context. Curiyo curates rich relevant content for that word from across the web, including background, pictures, video, news, up-to-the-minute social search and more.

Larry Kramer, President and Publisher at USA TODAY, explained, “Web publishers are looking for new ways to curate content to retain consumers’ attention. Curiyo creates a new information discovery paradigm and does it beautifully as well. We are excited to launch Curiyo and are already seeing positive results on USA TODAY.”

Bob Rosenschein said, “We have created a new platform for curation and discovery. Our goal is to deliver the most compelling content in one place, in a simpler user experience, and with the least amount of hassle.”

The company also announced the appointment of Tom Glocer to its advisory board. Mr. Glocer is the former CEO of Thomson-Reuters and currently serves on the boards of directors of Morgan-Stanley and Merck.

Curiyo has raised a $1.9 million seed round from investors including OurCrowd, Cedar Fund, Morton Meyerson of 2M, Kima Ventures, Tom Glocer, Gigi Levy, JumpSpeed Ventures, and other private investors. Curiyo is Bob Rosenschein’s first venture following the sale of to AFCV Holdings For $127 Million in 2011.

Curiyo is based in Jerusalem and is part of a vibrant and growing startup ecosystem in Israel’s capital.

About Curiyo
Founded by Bob Rosenschein, founder and former CEO of, a top-20 U.S. website, Curiyo’s vision is to simplify and streamline online content discovery and curation. We are driven by the desire to solve the growing frustration facing those on both sides of the online content divide: content publishers and consumers.