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Israeli computer vision company EyeSight raises $15 million: Reuters

Israeli computer vision firm EyeSight said on Tuesday it raised $15 million in a funding round led by Hong Kong-based Jebsen Capital, Arie Capital and Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, bringing its total raised to date to $50 million.

EyeSight said its artificial intelligence computer vision system monitors a driver’s gaze direction, pupil dilation, eye openness and head position and uses algorithms to detect levels of drowsiness and distraction.

The European New Car Assessment Program, which awards safety stars to car models, will require new car models to have driver monitoring systems by 2020.

EyeSight will also scan the entire cabin of a car, understanding who and what is in the vehicle.

In addition, an EyeSight system can identify drivers, automatically adjusting their seats and mirrors or selecting their music playlist, which could be useful as car-sharing increases, the company said.

EyeSight also makes vision-based solutions for the smart home and consumer electronics.