Jerusalem Venture Partners Releases IRRs For Three Funds

Jerusalem Venture Partners for the first time publicly released net IRRs for several of its funds, showing solid performance for a pair of 1990’s vintage funds. The firm, based in Israel, said its 1993 vintage JVP I generated an IRR of 54.2% and its 1997 vintage JVP II posted an IRR of 56.1%. The firm’s JVP IV, vintage 2000, has a net IRR of 3.4%.



One of Only Two Non-U.S. Funds on the List

November 13, 2012, JVP Media Quarter, Jerusalem – Leading Israeli VC Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) has been ranked among the top ten consistently performing funds in the world by alternative assets’ data provider Preqin (the “Survey”). The Survey, published in Preqin’s Quarterly for Q3 2012, ranked JVP among 143 firms and 716 funds worldwide based on IRR, fund year, strategy and geography.

Jerusalem-based JVP was one of only two non-U.S. VC’s to be ranked among these top ten funds.
Three of JVP’s funds were included in the ranking: Jerusalem Pacific Ventures (aka JVP I), Jerusalem Venture Partners, LP (aka JVP II), and Jerusalem Venture Partners IV, LP (aka JVP IV). The following are the Total Value to Paid in Capital (“TVPI”) and net Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”) for these funds as of June 30, 2012.



The survey did not include the performance of JVP’s most recent 2008 vintage fund, JVP MEDIA V, which has already generated two multinational exits being the founding investors of innovative storage company XtremIO which was sold for several hundreds of millions of dollars to EMC in May, 2012 and Navajo Systems which was sold to in August, 2011.

Erel Margalit, JVP Founder and Chairman: “Over the past 19 years, Israeli high-tech has contributed substantially to key fields worldwide, from telecom, to media, storage, to cyber-security and enterprise software. I am proud that we at JVP helped serve as a major driver not only for the high-tech sector but for the Israeli economy as a whole.”

Based in the JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem, JVP ( is one of Israel’s largest and most active venture capital funds. Founded in 1993, JVP has helped build over 90 companies and has orchestrated 24 of the largest exits in the region with 13 industry sales and 11 IPOs on NASDAQ. Established in 1993, by JVP’s Founder and Chairman Erel Margalit, JVP’s General Partners are Gadi Tirosh and Kobi Rozengarten.