Jim Barrett –

VCJ Fact Sheet for Jim Barrett

Born: November 12, 1942 in Bridgewater, CT

Education: B.S. in Chemistry from Boston College; Masters in Business Administration from University of Santa Clara; Ph.D. in biochemistry from University of Tennessee.

Career Path: Jim joined NEA in September of 2001 as a general partner. Prior to NEA, Jim served as Founder/Chairman/CEO of Sensors for Medicine and Science (1997-2001) where he remains Chairman. Previously, he was Chairman/CEO of Genetic Therapy (1987-1995), President/CEO of Life Technologies (1985-1987), and President/CEO of Bethesda Research Labs (1982-1983). Prior to 1982, Jim worked in various divisions of SmithKline. NEA and Jim have worked together since 1982 when he was recruited to run Bethesda Research Laboratories, which merged with Life Technologies. NEA then backed Jim at Genetic Therapy and later at Sensors for Medicine and Science.

Venture Focus: Biotech

Investments: Inhibitex; Pharmion Corp.

Greatest Accomplishment: Selling Genetic Therapy Inc to Sandoz (now Novartis).

Biggest Mistake: Not taking larger equity stakes in the companies I ran.

If you weren’t a VC, you’d be a… Leading an indolent life of travel and reading.

Pet Peeve: Calling a patent application a proprietary position

Did You Know? Barrett is an amateur astronomer.

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