Jobster to Staffers: You’re Fired, But We Know a Good Recruiting Service?

Seattle-based Jobster is shedding more than one third of its staff today, or 15 employees, according to John Cook of TechFlash. The company, which once employed roughly 150 people, will be left with just 25 demoralized souls.

Jobster has raised a boatload of money since openings its doors in January 2004. In April, the company raised $7 million from Ignition Partners, Trinity Ventures, Mayfield Fund, and Reed Elsevier Ventures, bringing total funding to $53.5 million, according to Thomson Reuters data.

Jobster CEO Jeff Seely has, unsurprisingly, called the layoffs “unpleasant” and “horrible,” while adding that the company will be better positioned for them.

Seely took over the CEO role last year after Jobster’s former CEO, Jason Goldberg, disastrously handled a much bigger layoff, one that eliminated 41 percent of Jobster’s staff back in January 2007.

TechFlash has the details of both cannings here.