Key Players in China –

AsiaTech Ventures

Fund Profile: About $200 million in six funds.

Investing Profile: Sectors are IT, software and communications. Mid- to late-stage in recent funds.

Key Contact: Peter Chu, Managing Director.

Battery Ventures

Fund Profile: Fund VII, with $450 million, will have Battery’s first China investments. Seed to late stage, but goal is to bring Chinese companies public on Nasdaq.

Investing Profile: Invests in IT including e-commerce, software, communications and consumer segments.

Key Contact: Oliver Curme, General Partner.

EurOrient Financial Group

Fund Profile: Not an investor. Advises on global infrastructure projects.

Investing Profile: Works in financial and private sector development.

Key Contact: Ron Nechemia, Chairman and CEO.

The Carlyle Group

Fund Profile: About $1 billion in three Pan-Asian funds.

Investing Profile: Buyouts, real estate, and VC for wireless, Internet, software, retail and semiconductors.

Key Contact: Wayne Wen-Tsui Tsou, Managing Director, Carlyle Asia Venture.

Crimson Private Equity

Fund Profile: About $600 million in two funds.

Investing Profile: Does cross-border deals in manufacturing, services, components and systems.

Key Contact: John Paul Ho, Managing Partner.

Crystal Internet Ventures

Investing Profile: About $200 million in two funds.

Investing Profile: Invests in infrastructure and communications, vertical applications, content and enabling technologies.

Key Contact: Joseph Tzeng, Managing Director.

DCM-Doll Capital Management


Fund Profile: About $1.5 billion in four funds. Has invested $70 million in China, and that amount will increase to $150 million over next three years.

Investing Profile: Invests in communications, software and semiconductors.

Key Contact: David Chao, Co-Founder and Managing General Partner.

ePlanetDFJ Ventures

Funds Profile: Silicon Valley-based ePlanet Ventures has about $600 million in assets. Its global focus includes China.

Investing Profile: All stages of IT, semiconductors, wireless, new media and enterprise software.

Key Contact: Fan Zhang, Senior Vice President of DFJ ePlanet Ventures.

H&Q AsiaPacific

Fund Profile: Manages $1.6 billion across 9 countries in Asia. Has invested $200M-$300M in China alone.

Investing Profile: Private equity firm invests in all stages, semiconductors, IT, biopharmaceuticals and retail.

Key Contact: Ta-Lin Hsu, Founder and Chairman.

Intel Capital

Fund Profile: Doesn’t have a traditional fund, since it’s a corporate VC. Portfolio valued at $1.3 billion, with $700 million invested across Asia in 120 deals (outside of Japan), and excluding the more than $500 million invested in manufacturing plants in China.

Investing Profile: In 2003 investment themes included semiconductors, software, power technologies, displays, wireless, networking and cellular.

Key Contact: Cadol Cheung, Director of Intel Capital Asia Pacific.

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JPMorgan Partners

Fund Profile: About $18 billion in assets under management. Investing a $6.5 billion global fund and a dedicated Asia Opportunity Fund of $1.1 billion in Asia/China.

Investing Profile: Invests in biotech, semiconductors, enterprise software, automotive parts and foods.

Key Contact: Maura Wong, Partner, Hong Kong, China.

Newbridge Capital

Fund Profile: Four funds supported by TPG/BLUM, with $1.7 billion invested in Asia.

Investing Profile: Provides growth capital for businesses with emphasis on banking and telecom.

Key Contact: Dan Carroll, Managing Partner.

Orchid Asia

Fund Profile: About $100 million in two funds invested throughout Asia.

Investing Profile: Targets retail, e-commerce and Internet.

Key Contact: Gabriel Li, Managing Director.

Pacific Venture Partners

Fund Profile: About $800 million invested in 150 companies, with 80% in Greater China or cross-border U.S./Asia.

Investing Profile: Microelectronics and information technology. Iinvests across all stages.

Key Contact: Arthur Wang, Principal.

Walden International

Fund Profile: About $1.5 billion in assets, with 30% of PacVen V allocated for China.

Investing Profile: Invests in communications, software, electronics, IT services and semiconductors, mostly in seed and early stages.

Key Contact: Lip-Bu Tan, Founder and Chairman.

Warburg Pincus

Fund Profile: About $9.5 billion portfolio of assets. Significant investments in Asia.

Investing Profile: Invests in VC, growth capital and buyouts in early stages in the areas of technology, communications, outsourcing, health care, life sciences and medical devices.

Key Contact: Chang Sun, Managing Director.

W.I. Harper

Fund Profile: $225 million in five funds.

Investing Profile: Focuses on cross-border investments across several sectors including communications, life sciences, semiconductor, digital media, hardware/electronics and software services across all stages.

Key Contact: Peter Liu, Chairman.

Source: Interviews with firms conducted by Jerry Borrell.