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KPMG Capital backs Bottlenose

KPMG Capital has acquired a “substantial” equity stake in Bottlenose. No financial terms were disclosed. Based in Los Angeles, Bottlenose is a provider of real-time trend intelligence.


NEW YORK (December 8, 2014) – KPMG Capital, whose first investment fund was created to accelerate innovation in data and analytics, today announced it has taken a substantial equity stake in Bottlenose Inc., a Los Angeles-based real-time trend intelligence company. The Bottlenose® cloud-based trend intelligence solution analyzes real-time streaming data that enables enterprises to identify, anticipate and monitor the trends that drive their businesses.

Company co-founder and CEO Nova Spivack believes Bottlenose is the only enterprise trend detection and monitoring solution currently available that can automatically identify actionable patterns in streams of data from multiple sources in real-time, and provide a cross-correlated view of the trends that can affect a client’s business.

A 2014 Gartner Inc. report on Business Intelligence states, “The fastest-growing kind of data is that delivered via real-time event streams, emitted by sensors, machines, people and transactional business systems. It has significant potential for business value and transformation across most industries in terms of analytic applications’ ability to use this data. Credit in terms of vision was given to vendors that support this growing trend.”

“Businesses should not underestimate the sheer volume, velocity, and variety of real-time data streams,” said Mark Toon, CEO of KPMG Capital. “Real-time streaming data of all types is putting huge pressure on decision makers to be able to appropriately and effectively address present trends that could materially affect their organizations now or in the very near future.”

Under the terms of the agreement, KPMG Capital will have a substantial equity share in Bottlenose. The amount of KPMG Capital’s investment will not be disclosed.

KPMG Capital has also secured a license for KPMG member firms to use and deploy the advanced capabilities of the Bottlenose application, Nerve Center™, as an important tool in generating strategic insights to help their clients more effectively combat threats and amplify opportunities which affect their businesses.

Powered by the Bottlenose real-time analytics platform, the Nerve Center™ application can help enterprises investigate, assess and address present, historical, and emerging trends that may impact the most critical growth, risk and performance areas of their business.

KPMG Capital’s Toon said the applications are “virtually limitless,” adding that KPMG professionals have already cited potential uses as varied as risk and threat intelligence, forensic investigations, cyber threat detection, competitive intelligence, and customer growth analytics.

“KPMG Capital’s investment in Bottlenose is an important step in augmenting our member firms’ ability to help address client issues across the enterprise,” Toon said. “Providing clients access to a tool that can detect and monitor emerging developments as they occur can greatly enhance decision making.”

Said Nova Spivack: “KPMG Capital’s investment in Bottlenose validates our strategy for cross-market application of trend intelligence throughout the enterprise, and will enhance our ability to help customers see over the horizon, to anticipate and influence possible scenarios and outcomes.

“Today, we believe many businesses are singularly focused on examining historical data, and missing the opportunity of current data. The key to success in today’s fast-paced environment is seeing and understanding what is happening in the present, in order to influence the direction of change as it happens. By analyzing millions of changing data points in real time, Bottlenose provides a unique competitive advantage: understanding now. This technology allows decision-makers to identify critical trends as soon as they begin to emerge, understand their significance, and take appropriate action early.”
Said Mark A. Goodburn, KPMG’s Global Head of Advisory: “The forces shaping business today are multiple and significant; business leaders need the means to harness and optimize data in real-time to respond quickly to potential impacts to their organizations. KPMG Capital’s investment in next-wave analytics companies such as Bottlenose supports our strategic direction with Data & Analytics, which is to empower KPMG professionals to deliver solutions and insights that can have an immediate and positive effect on our clients’ businesses.”

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About Bottlenose
Bottlenose is the first innovator to focus exclusively on providing real-time Trend Intelligence for stream data sources. Bottlenose Nerve Center™ provides an enterprise-grade, real-time dashboard for discovering, tracking and acting on influential trends as they form and spread in social, broadcast and enterprise data streams. Bottlenose was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur, Nova Spivack, and Web technologist, Dominiek ter Heide, and is headquartered in Los Angeles. Bottlenose and Nerve Center are registered trademarks and Trendfluence is a trademark of Bottlenose, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.