L.A. Gets a New Startup Accelerator: MuckerLab

MuckerLab, a new startup accelerator, has sprung up in Los Angeles to foster Internet software and media entrepreneurs. The program, part of the TechStars network, has been founded Erik Rannala, William Hsu, Greg Bettinelli and Yan-David Erlich, who have all held roles in the Internet industry as operating executives, entrepreneurs and investors.


With today’s launch of MuckerLab (http://www.muckerlab.com), Los Angeles’ technology community receives a much-needed boost with a new startup accelerator. MuckerLab aims to foster growth in the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and fill a critical gap for startups at the earliest stage by providing resources, infrastructure, capital, and guidance.

Much like the model employed by TechStars and Y-Combinator, MuckerLab will recruit Internet software, services, and media entrepreneurs through an open, but selective, application process. Companies go through a structured, three-months-long program and are provided funding, office space, curriculum and hands-on access to a deep mentor network of top-tier investors and entrepreneurs who can help them build, launch, and grow their businesses. At the end of the program, companies present their businesses to potential investors at a Demo Day event.

“Los Angeles is on the cusp of becoming a major technology hub, but the ecosystem here isn’t yet as developed as Silicon Valley. Our goal is to help enable this transformation by bringing the right funding and assistance at the very earliest stages of venture formation,” said Erik Rannala, Co-founder of MuckerLab. “MuckerLab will help entrepreneurs crack the venture creation process, access a built-in network of mentors and advisors, and tap into diverse sources of funding.”

MuckerLab is founded by Internet veterans Erik Rannala, William Hsu, Greg Bettinelli and Yan-David Erlich, who have all held roles in the Internet industry as operating executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Collectively, they have founded numerous companies, operated companies at all stages and helped scale some of the most successful companies in the Internet industry: eBay, Google, Green Dot, HauteLook, LinkedIn, Live Nation Microsoft, AT&T, StubHub and TripAdvisor.

In addition to the founders, MuckerLab consists of an extensive network of mentors, including many of the top executives, entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists both in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Among them are entrepreneurs including: Brett Markinson of HauteLook, Brian Lee of ShoeDazzle and LegalZoom, Hiten Shah of Kissmetrics, Howard Lindzon of StockTwits and Wallstrip, Paige Craig of BetterWorks, Ryan Steelberg of DMarc, and Tyler Goldman of BUZZMEDIA. The investors serving as mentors include: Aileen Lee of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Beau Laskey of Steamboat Ventures, Chris Farmer of General Catalyst Partners, Dana Stalder of Matrix Partners, Dana Settle of Greycroft Partners, David Travers of Rustic Canyon Partners, Jeremy Liew of LightSpeed Venture Partners, and Jesse Jacobs of Chernin Group. The full list of mentors can be found at http://www.muckerlab.com/mentors/.

“I believe MuckerLab will serve as an extremely important support system in the region, not only for only entrepreneurs, but also for the Southern California technology community overall,” said Brian Lee, Founder and CEO of ShoeDazzle. “Its founders have an unique combination of investment, entrepreneurship and operational executive experience at some of the most successful venture capital and Internet companies in the world. They are committed to working hands-on with the accelerator companies to provide day-to-day guidance and resources to help make these companies successful. They will also introduce investors to qualified companies that have been carefully vetted and prepared to raise institutional capital. I’m very excited to serve as a mentor and looking forward to meeting the first class of MuckerLab entrepreneurs.”

MuckerLab is a member of the TechStars Network (http://www.techstars.org/network), a White House sponsored alliance of independently owned and operated startup accelerator programs in dozens of cities across the United States and around the world. MuckerLab will collaborate and exchange best practices with other members of the TechStars network, the leading startup accelerator program in the United States.

“MuckerLab is part of an exclusive group of mentorship-driven accelerators that we’ve selected for the TechStars network. We believe that MuckerLab will help drive innovation, growth, and vibrancy of the Los Angeles technology community,” said David Cohen, Founder and CEO of TechStars. “As a member of the TechStars Network, MuckerLab will have access to a rich set of strategic resources, professional development and ongoing support to effectively lead and mentor innovative entrepreneurs.”

About MuckerLab

MuckerLab is a startup accelerator focused on incubation-stage Internet software, services and media ventures in the Los Angeles market. Based on a mentorship-driven model, MuckerLab provides entrepreneurs with funding, puts them through a structured, three-months-long program and gives them access to a deep network of top-tier mentors and advisors. MuckerLab works side-by-side with Southern California’s best technology entrepreneurs to enable them to build, launch, and finance their exceptional businesses, while helping to cultivate a more vibrant technology ecosystem in Los Angeles. For more information, go to http://www.muckerlab.com.

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