Latest VC Performance Data is a Mixed Bag

The NVCA and Cambridge Associates today released new VC performance data (through March 31), showing improved short-term returns but continued weakening of 10-year returns. Five-year returns experienced a modest bump, after dropping the last time around.

Overall, 10-year mean VC returns stand at -3.7%, compared to 2.3% for the DJIA and -6.3% for the Nasdaq over the same time period. Five-year returns for VC come in at 4.9%, compared to 3.3% for the DJIA and 3.7% for the Nasdaq. One-year returns (for whatever they’re worth) for VC was 6.5%, compared to 49.6% for the DJIA and 56.9% for the Nasdaq.

You can download all the data here, of view it below: