Life After 50 for Leglise, Miner –

John Miner and Claude Leglise, who tendered their resignations to Intel Capital, say the soul searching that comes with hitting the half-century mark motivated both of them to try something new.

Miner, president of Intel Capital, resigned on March 24, after 22 years with Intel. His final day is June 1. He is succeeded by Intel’s longtime treasurer, Arvind Sodhani.

Leglise, vice president and head of Intel Capital’s International Sector, put in his last day on April 8, capping 23 years at the chipmaker. His replacement had not been named when VCJ went to press.

Although the timing was unusual, Leglise says: “I would not read anything into this. It’s just two personal decisions that happen to coincide.”

Leglise plans to join a venture firm or start a new one, with a focus on investing in China and India. Which route he takes “depends on what the situation is,” he says. “An existing firm has established infrastructure and a life of its own, while doing something brand new has more flexibility, but you spend more time organizing the firm.”

He dismissed speculation that he and Miner may decide to join together and start their own venture fund. “We have very different goals,” Leglise says. “He told me he wants to do startup.”

Miner says he’s not certain what he’ll do next, but it will most likely be entrepreneurial. “I don’t like to limit it to [doing a startup], but it will be something that’s a little more personal, a little more identified with myself.”

Various ideas have been floated his way over the years, from headhunters calling with job opportunities to people pitching ideas for a new business, “but you can’t do them justice when you’re enjoying what you’re working on,” he says.

Miner says his 50th birthday brought home the fact that “I’m not going to have too many more of these decision branches where you can truly consider a second career. That was a primary motivation for making my decision.”