DeFi specialist Liquid Meta collects seed financing

Liquid Meta, a Toronto-based decentralized finance infrastructure and technology company has closed a seed-stage financing.

Liquid Meta, a Toronto-based decentralized finance infrastructure and technology company has closed a seed-stage financing. No financial terms were disclosed. The investors who backed the round were not identified.


TORONTO, June 3, 2021 /CNW/ – Liquid Meta Capital Holdings Ltd., an emerging leader in the decentralized finance (“DeFi”) sector is pleased to announce its DeFi focused liquidity mining operations and the closing of its oversubscribed seed financing. The financing includes several strategic investors that will help propel the Company in becoming the largest publicly traded liquidity mining company.

Liquid Meta was founded by a group that includes Jonathan Wiesblatt, Nico del Pino, and John Lee, an experienced team of individuals comprising blockchain, technology, finance, and economics backgrounds.

Jonathan Wiesblatt has spent the last 20 years working in the North American capital markets and financial services industry. He started his career as a sell-side equity research analyst covering several sectors including software and technology. Jonathan has established a successful investment track record across several different investment vehicles including a multi-strategy hedge fund, a long only Canadian mutual fund, and a mix of assets at one of Canada’s largest Family Offices.

Nico del Pino is an economist with more than 10-years of experience working in emerging markets with a focus on the blockchain industry, payment solutions and smart cities initiatives. Nico is also a commercial partner at, the first crypto exchange in Latin America headquartered in Buenos Aires. Nico was a former Director of Fintech at Endeavour Global, one of the most influential founders networks in the world and a VP of Sales at dLocal, a leading payments company in emerging markets.

John Lee has more than 20 years of experience in investments (Softbank Venture Capital), management consulting (McKinsey & Co.) and digital media. John first became involved in the blockchain industry in 2013, when he was an private investor and board member of GoCoin, the first Bitcoin based payments platform, and has since been an active investor in the blockchain space with a focus on gaming, eSports and online worlds, primarily in the Asia Pacific markets.

The Company’s focus is providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges and protocols through a process called liquidity mining and yield farming as well as to develop technology to automate and accelerate access to DeFi transactions and trade.

Liquidity mining is the process through which anyone can interact with various open-source protocols or applications, such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Aave, or Polygon, and earn yield through fee generation and protocol or application rewards. There are increasing returns to scale in the liquidity mining sector as well as a deep level of sophistication required around operational security, technical assessment, asset volatility, and technology development to operate efficiently, securely, and profitably in these markets.

DeFi is the fastest growing sector of the crypto industry today and its promise is in building an open-access, more equitable, and transparent financial infrastructure for the 7+ billion people around the world. DeFi is a new class of infrastructure to power financial applications without the need for third-party intermediaries. These applications include trading, investing, borrowing, lending, and insurance, among others.

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About Liquid Meta
Liquid Meta is a decentralized finance infrastructure and technology company that is powering the next generation of open-access protocols and applications. The company is creating the bridge between traditional and decentralized finance while ushering in a new era of financial infrastructure that benefits anyone, anywhere.