Logispring Backs Waer Systems

Waer Systems, a provider of on-demand inventory management software, has raised an undisclosed amount of VC funding from Logispring. Waer Systems has offices in the UK, France and Illinois.



Logispring, the transatlantic investor in structural innovation for the industrial world, today announced that it has closed an equity investment in Waer Systems, a leader in on-demand inventory-management software solutions.  Waer will use the funding to further develop WaerLinx®, its integrated suite of inventory-management solutions, used by some of the world’s leading companies, including Airbus, Schenker and Bombardier. Drawing on Logispring’s extensive experience and global reach, it will expand into new industries, geographies and supply-chain types.


Following the investment, David Anderson and Padman Ramankutty will join the Board of Directors of Waer. Dr. Anderson heads Supply Chain Ventures LLC, and is the former Managing Partner of Accenture’s Global Supply Chain Practice. Mr Ramankutty runs Intrigosys, a leading supply-chain consulting firm. He was the co-founder and former CEO of Bristlecone, the leading SAP integrator, and subsequently ran SAP’s High Tech Global Industry Business Unit.


Waer CEO Will Scott said, “After demonstrating the power of our industry-leading solution with major clients, we were looking for an investor that could help us take it to the next level. Logispring’s supply-chain expertise, extensive network among industrial company executives and global perspective make them the ideal partner. We are excited about working together with a partner that really understands our business and will help us build a great company.” 


Logispring Partner Brad Corrodi commented, “Many companies are investing to put supply chain management applications onto on-demand architectures, but few seem to have thought through how you would want to structurally re-design the application architecture for a world where network-based applications are available to all trading partners and service providers.  Waer has thought through such a design, going far beyond mere visibility to the execution support logic – ensuring that the right activities get done based on where everything is at any given time. We believe there is a compelling market need for Waer’s solution, optimizing flows rather than isolated steps of warehousing or transportation.”


Waer is an on-demand inventory-management software company with offices in Naperville, IL, Lancing, UK and Toulouse, France.  With its industry-leading solution WaerLinx®, the company has served leading players in the aerospace, logistics and retail sectors since 1998, enabling them to reduce parts inventories by up to 80% while improving efficiency, control and responsiveness. 


Logispring is a transatlantic investor in structural innovation for the industrial world.  From its offices in Geneva and New York, the firm invests in businesses which improve the efficiency, effectiveness and environmental performance of industrial businesses, including industrial processes, technology-enabled services, enterprise software, manufacturing and new materials technologies.


WaerLinx® is a unique inventory-management solution: an end-to-end, on-demand system that’s available to everyone in the supply chain, 24 hours as day, anywhere in the world. Through its six integrated modules (WaerWMS, WaerViz, WaerVMI, WaerReplenish, WaerKit and WaerTrack) it helps companies reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve service levels. It doesn’t just analyze stock levels and make recommendations. Unlike any other solution, it’s a powerful execution engine that keeps supply chains automatically optimized at all times.

WaerLinx® routinely delivers an 80% reduction in stock levels and a 56% decrease in process times, together with 100% traceability of all parts and the automation of 90% of all transactions. Organizations typically see a ROI in six months or less.