M33 Growth wraps up second fund at $260m

M33 Growth has closed its second fund at $260 million.

M33 Growth has closed its second fund at $260 million. M33 Growth II’s limited partners include endowments, foundations and institutional investors. The Boston-based firm invests in companies in the software, healthcare and services sectors throughout North America.


BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–M33 Growth, a venture and growth stage investment firm, announced today that it has closed its second fund. M33 Growth II accepted $260 million in limited partner commitments from some of the nation’s top endowments, foundations and institutional investors, as well as highly regarded founders and CEOs with whom the M33 Growth team has forged strong working relationships with over the past decade. It follows the firm’s $180 million debut fund that closed in late 2017.

M33 Growth seeks to partner with founders and CEOs of companies who are using cutting-edge technology to solve critical, industry-specific problems. Without institutional financing, these founders have built great businesses from the ground-up and, in our view, are poised to achieve rapid growth. These companies are marked by deep domain experience, strong products, and a customer-centric approach. They are led by CEOs who are ambitious and who are excited to compete against—and beat—entrenched, legacy incumbents in their vertical markets.

“M33 Growth was founded to fuel the growth of the next great success stories in American business,” said Brian Shortsleeve, a co-founder and managing director of M33 Growth. “We seek to partner with scrappy founders who have built great companies by bootstrapping their way to profitability and are looking for a partner to help them accelerate growth. Our second fund marks not only the next milestone for our firm, but also a tremendous platform to continue to expand the sales and go-to-market expansion and strategic sourcing platform that we believe will drive growth in our companies.”

M33 Growth invests growth capital and applies its deep operational experience to optimize go-to-market teams and execute on strategic acquisitions. Since the firm’s launch, M33 Growth has invested in six bootstrapped companies that we believe are poised to rapidly scale. With the help of the M33 Growth sourcing engine, these companies have successfully closed several strategic acquisitions to help fuel their growth. M33 Growth’s companies are on the cutting edge of driving productivity and automation in a variety of B2B software and services applications.

“Our team brings a differentiated set of skills to our companies, most notably a one-two punch of extensive B2B software sales and marketing execution experience and a powerful sourcing engine to drive strategic acquisitions. This has proven to be the perfect match for the gritty and ambitious spirit of the founders we seek to collaborate with,” said Michael Anello, a co-founder and managing director of M33 Growth. “Our approach to investing in a very limited number of teams allows us, as the founding partners of M33 Growth, to roll up our sleeves and dive deep with our companies.”

The firm, which is supported by a team of 15 out of its Boston headquarters, received tremendous response from investors in raising M33 Growth II. “We are particularly proud of the team we’ve built,” said Gabe Ling, a co-founder and managing director of M33 Growth. “We sought out individuals who shared in our vision of locking arms with entrepreneurs to build their businesses, rather than just sitting in an ivory tower working on endless spreadsheets.”

To learn more about M33 Growth, its investment philosophy and current portfolio, visit www.m33Growth.com.

About M33 Growth
M33 Growth is a venture and growth stage investment firm that seeks to partner with founders and CEOs who have successfully bootstrapped their companies to strong growth and are positioned to rapidly scale their companies and break through as market leaders. With deep experience fueling sales and marketing engines, driving acquisitions and building value through data assets, M33 Growth seeks to propel portfolio companies to success in their markets. Founded by veterans of renowned investment firms with considerable operational experience, the Boston-based firm seeks to invest in companies in the software, healthcare and services sectors throughout North America. Its current portfolio includes AssuriCare, RHI Group, The Oncology Institute, TITAN Cloud and Waterfield Energy. Learn more at m33growth.com.