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The Thomson Financial Post-Venture Capital Index is a market-valued index that measures the performance of public stocks of companies that have received financing from a U.S. venture capital firm or buyouts limited partnership prior to going public. Companies remain in the index for 10 years from their IPO date or until their pricing data are no longer available. Companies are taken off the index if they are acquired, merged to form a new corporate entity, or are removed from a publicly traded exchange.

The index, which at present comprises 651 companies, is calculated daily and does not take into account dividends. It began in January 1986 with an initialized index value of 100. As of April 30, 2007, it had an index value of 744.89, up from 716 on March 30.

Separately, the PVCI had a market cap of $760.43 billion on April 30, up from $730.18 billion a month earlier. —Lawrence AragonCorrection: The May issue incorrectly listed the PVCI’s March 30 market cap as $716 billion. —Ed.