Marketing Architects launches Zoomworks Ventures

Marketing Architects, a Minneapolis based advertising agency, has launched Zoomworks Ventures, a corporate venture capital arm that will focus on marketing technology and media startups. Chuck Hengel will serve as CEO; Brent Longval will be chief financial officer; and Steve Lubin will be vice president of corporate development.


MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marketing Architects, a Minneapolis based advertising agency, has launched Zoomworks Ventures, a corporate venture capital arm that will focus exclusively on marketing technology and media startups. Zoomworks will leverage Marketing Architects’ 22-year history of internal innovation that has placed the advertising agency at the forefront of developing disruptive marketing technologies to improve clients’ bottom line.

Zoomworks is looking for opportunities to invest capital along with strategic advice to receptive entrepreneurs with the goal of accelerating growth, building a higher valuation and paving a path to a successful exit. Zoomworks will seek companies developing cutting-edge technologies that dramatically improve how advertising firms and B2B and consumer marketers operate. Zoomworks will be led by Marketing Architects senior executives Chuck Hengel (CEO), Brent Longval (CFO), and Steve Lubin (VP Corporate Development) who will be the fund’s Managing Director.
“The Zoomworks team has already successfully started and exited multiple companies and products specializing in martech solutions,” said Hengel.

Zoomworks Ventures initial investment is in Wizer, a startup that has built an A.I.-powered augmented analytics platform that reveals statistical insights, such as trend detection and projection, from massive and disparate data sets. Other successful technology and consumer investments completed by the team include Mediaguide and the HurryCane.

About Marketing Architects
Marketing Architects is a Minneapolis-based advertising agency with a 22-year history of helping companies reach major milestones. By investing their own capital into each TV campaign, Marketing Architects disrupts the high costs and low accountability of traditional agencies to drive rapid growth and solve complex business challenges for clients. For more information about Marketing Architects, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Zoomworks Ventures
Zoomworks is a corporate venture capital group owned by Marketing Architects. Leveraging the ad agency’s extensive experience and expertise in developing innovative marketing and advertising technologies, Zoomworks looks for opportunities to fund, advise and accelerate the growth of martech startups. For more information, visit