Mediterranean yogurt brand Nounós Creamery raises funding

Nounós Creamery, a Mediterranean yogurt brand, has secured an undisclosed amount of funding. AccelFoods was the lead investor.


SOUTHAMPTON, NY (September 10, 2019) – Nounós Creamery, an emerging brand with a passionate following that produces the only FDA approved cheesecloth strained yogurt in the U.S., is making moves with sights on becoming the next big landmark dairy brand. Equipped with their first strategic investment led by AccelFoods, the four-year-old company is set to evolve into a household name that will elevate the premium yogurt category to new heights.

The new funds will accelerate Nounós Creamery’s growth by allowing the brand to acquire key hires, amplify marketing support to bolster consumer awareness and increase R&D support for new product innovation. Funding will also allow for capacity expansion on both the production and distributor sides. This will help extend Nounós Creamery’s coverage across the country in retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Wegmans and The Fresh Market. As a result of their new distribution partnership with Dora’s Natural, the brand will also be able to further penetrate the New York market. With impressive brand developments in play and an abundance of opportunity on the horizon, Nounós Creamery will be looking to their impressive roster of investors for guidance.

Joining AccelFoods in this financing are industry veterans David Wilson, founding investor of Siggi’s Dairy, and current Nounós Creamery board member Luciana Nuñez, former General Manager at Danone for premium yogurt.

“We are excited to be working with a team of investors, board members, new hires and partners that understand Nounós Creamery’s vision of what a Mediterranean premium yogurt should be. With their support, Nounós Creamery will turn the dairy industry on its head and innovate to new levels while spreading our hand-crafted creations throughout the U.S.,” said Steven Ioannou, Co-Founder and of Nounós Creamery.

“These developments will allow Nounós Creamery to wow even more consumers through inventive, game-changing flavors and products,” said John Belesis, co-Founder of Nounós Creamery. “We plan for Nounós Creamery to become a staple in refrigerators across the country and these funds will positively impact our ability to connect with fans in a meaningful way.”

“Utilizing a heritage cheesecloth strained technique and environmentally friendly glass packaging, Nounós Creamery is offering a fresh and unprecedented take on yogurt in the U.S.,” said Lauren Jupiter, Managing Partner of AccelFoods. “John and Steve are uniquely capable of bringing scale and efficiency to a craft-style product that is sure to disrupt the dairy aisle.”

“I am glad to invest in and be a part of Nounós Creamery’s journey as a brand that embodies the outstanding product experience, quality and sustainability that truly speak to the Millennial consumer and are driving growth in a category estimated to reach $9.8 billion by 2022,” said Luciana Nuñez, Nounós Creamery board member and previous General Manager at Danone for premium yogurt.

About Nounós Creamery
Nounós Creamery was founded in 2013 by Steven Ioannou and his Nounó (Godfather) John Belesis with a mission to create authentic Mediterranean style foods for consumers using old-world techniques they grew up with in Greece. Now, Nounós Creamery has stolen the hearts of consumers across the U.S. with its extensive line of inventive flavor combinations and velvety, protein-packed products free from GMOs, antibiotics, gluten, rBST, and hormones. To keep the integrity of the brand’s farm-fresh snacks, each is packaged in recyclable little glass jars which prevent the leaching of plastic into the yogurt, making Nounós Creamery products ideal for both the families eating them and the environment. From Low-Fat Coconut Mango Yogurt to Whole Milk Classic Plain Yogurt.

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