Minus Raises $1 Mln from IDG Capital Partners

Minus said Monday that it has raised $1 million from IDG Capital Partners. New York-based Minus is a file sharing tech startup.


File sharing tech startup Minus announced today it has
raised $1 million in investment capital from IDG Capital Partners, allowing the company
to continue to grow its easy to use, universal file sharing platform.
Minus helps people easily and quickly share files online – photos, documents, music,
videos, and more. The service is unique in its simplicity and power, and universality – the
site works on virtually any Internet connected device and supports any type of file.
To upload and share files, users simply visit Minus.com and drag files onto the page.
Once the files upload, the user will be given a shortlink, which they can share on
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, in emails, instant message conversations, other websites
and much more.
Minus is completely free to use and does not require registration to upload and share files.
“We believe that most people, if given the choice between simplicity and complexity,
will choose simplicity. We also genuinely believe that easy to use software can still be
extraordinarily rich in features. So we wonder, why can’t uploading photos to the Web,
or distributing an important document, be as easy as dragging and dropping files into a
browser? Why do people need to go through multiple steps just to share a funny video
with friends?” said John Xie, co-founder, chief operating officer and chief marketing
officer of Minus.
“With this infusion of capital, we will expand our team, invest in technology and
infrastructure, and pursue our vision of creating a simple, powerful and universal sharing
platform,” said Carl Hu, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Minus.
The capital was raised from IDG Capital Partners, an international investment firm with
over $3.8B capital under management. IDG Capital Partners offices are located in Boston,
New York City, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and
Shenzhen. IDG Capital Partners invests in early-to-growth-stage companies with focus
on hi-tech related sectors, such as the Internet, telecommunications, wireless
communications, digital media, IC, and life sciences.
Minus will use the capital to expand its infrastructure, including purchasing additional
cloud computing capacity to satisfy continued growth in Web traffic. The company also
will continue to expand its team in order to introduce new features and make the file
sharing service even more powerful.
Currently, Minus offers full desktop and mobile browser-based support. In addition,
Minus users can share and access files through Android and iOS mobile applications,
along with desktop applications for PC, Mac and Linux. Browser extensions are also
available for Google Chrome and Firefox. For more details on Minus sharing tools,
please visit http://minus.com/pages/tools.
Minus is built on HTML5 and fully deployed on the latest cloud-based infrastructure
using Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing technology and Simple Storage Service.
For more information about Minus, visit http://www.minus.com.
About Minus, Inc.
Minus aims to make file sharing simple, free, and universal. Based in New York City, we
are a start-up technology company founded by Carl Hu and John Xie, both seasoned and
passionate technology entrepreneurs. We hope to make the Internet a better place by
making it easier to share.