Modelinia Tries on VC Funding

peHUB has learned that Polaris Venture Partners recently led a $5.25 million Series A round for something called Modelinia. It’s unclear exactly what this New York-based company plans to do, but it looks like an online content play focused on the world of modeling.

Modelinia’s website is just a one-pager, which defines Modelinia as a noun meaning “The obsession over and infatuation with the world’s most beautiful women, celebrating the genetic jackpot of the supermodel industry, coveting their lifestyles and openly admitting to not hating them because they are beautiful.”

That was tough to transcribe without giggling. The company is coming from the executive team behind Full Picture LLC, a brand and talent management/publicity agency that has ventured out into multimedia endeavors like producing Project Runway. Both Full Picture and Modelinia are run by uber-flack Desiree Gruber, who has repped such brands as Miramax and Victoria’s Secret and celebs like Heidi Klum and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

I emailed Jon Flint of Polaris about Modelinia, but he declined to comment.