New Startup: VocabSushi

I spent hours studying vocabulary flash cards when I was in high school. Words, writing and reading were never my strong suit and I needed to beef up my SAT verbal score in a hurry.

In a world of free web applications and content creators relying on eyeballs and advertising to pay the bills, VocabSushi has come up with a service that I could imagine paying for.

I’m not the only one who would likely fork over for an improvement on flash cards. There’s a constant captive audience of more than 1.5 million high schoolers who take the SAT and PSAT each year.

Company founder Jeff Novich is looking to raise an angel round to accelerate his growth and add learning modules to the startup’s existing offerings, he says–but he’s not looking too hard (Disclosure: I went to grad school with Jeff).

Novich is one of a growing number of tech entrepreneurs who may never turn to venture to build their web-application businesses. With the decreasing cost of inputs and programming, venture dollars aren’t a necessary pre-requisite for online success.