As a preventative measure against igniting wildfires with its transmission lines, the utility Pacific Gas and Electric earlier this month shut off power to hundreds of thousands of homes in Northern California earlier this month. Prompted again by the weather conditions this week, PG&E warned 16 California counties that high winds and temperatures may bring […]
The pension system will take an opportunistic approach, investing in LP interests in both new and existing funds with its GPs, as well as the funds of GPs with which it does not have relationships, senior investment officer Jonathan Popielarski said.
Good VCs aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. Maybe that’s why many of them are now rushing to invest in the camping sector. Over the past year, a troop of camping-related startups has successfully pitched their ideas to investors, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Part of the attraction is that […]
Internet of Things (IoT) companies are seeing a surge in venture funding while fewer dollars flow into other top technology sectors. U.S.-based VC-backed companies raised $25.9 billion in Q3, down 15 percent from the second quarter, while deal activity fell 16 percent from Q2 to 1,304 transactions, according to a recent report from CB Insights […]
With three-quarters of the year completed, 2019 is shaping up to be the second-highest year ever for venture capital investing. Although this year’s startup financing activity trails the record level of 2018, VCs have invested nearly $97 billion through the third quarter, which already tops the $85 billion invested during 2017, according to the latest […]
Worldwide, the video game industry is projected to bring in more than $152 billion in revenue this year and investors have taken notice
Is investing in earlier venture rounds more likely to produce higher returns than betting on later stages of financing? The latest study from PitchBook aim to answer this question by examining risk-adjusted returns from VC-backed companies that have reached an exit. Unsurprisingly, the analysis found that before adjusting for risk, returns from earlier stages of […]
Many venture debt lenders choose to structure themselves as a business development company because the model fits the strategy like a glove. BDCs are required to invest 70 percent of their portfolio into U.S.-based companies that have a market value of less than $250 million, which makes them ideal lenders to early-stage startups. Regulations also […]
Venture debt is nothing new, but it’s become a big fish in the VC pond
Here’s a quiz. What is America’s largest consumer debt? A) Mortgages B) Credit cards C) Student loans The answer is C. At $1.5 trillion and growing, student loan debt is now the largest consumer debt in the U.S., larger than mortgages, larger than credit cards. And it’s impacting not just those who owe the debt, […]

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