Venture capitalists remained a sanguine lot in the first quarter, but valuations for Silicon Valley companies nonetheless softened modestly in Series B and later rounds. Up rounds topped down rounds by a wide margin, essentially matching the results of the fourth quarter and continuing an upbeat multi-quarter trend. Eighty-one percent of deals were marked higher […]
By Michael Kauffman, Tech DNA The technology risks uncovered by technology due diligence fall into three main risk categories: hidden liabilities, increased downside risks, and decreased upside risks. Hidden Liabilities These risks are often the largest liabilities. They include: Cybersecurity / Privacy Risk: By now most professionals understand the reputational risks of being hacked. A […]
bitcoin investor, Micky Malka Ribbit Capital_Venture Alpha West 2013
Watch a bitcoin discussion featuring Micky Malka of Ribbit Capital, Barry Silbert of SecondMarket, and Adam Draper of Boost at Thomson Reuters’ Venture Alpha West 2013 conference. 
When you're on a mission to prevent your industry from repeating a big mistake, you can get a little overzealous. That appears to be what happened to superstar VC Vinod Khosla. During a talk in which he denounced the hype surrounding nanotech and warned of a bubble, Khosla criticized plans by profitless venture-backed startup Nanosys to go public. He later took the unusual step of issuing an apology to the company.
Vinod Khosla, one of the industry’s most respected technology investors, has warned of an impending nanotechnology “bubble” and criticized plans by venture-backed Nanosys Inc. to become the first publicly traded nanotech company. Khosla, a general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, made the comments at the MIT/Stanford/UC Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum at Stanford University on […]

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