North American Early Stage Funds Have $9.5B In Ready Capital; European Funds Have $2B

Seed and early stage funds in North America and Europe have $11.5 billion of ready capital for investment.

This data comes courtesy of Preqin, which tracks 470 early stage venture firms, 80% of which are based in North America.

Of the North American firms, 350 have headquarters in the United States. Combined the North American firms raised more than $34 billion over the past decade and have $9.5 billion remaining to invest.

The 96 European firms raised about a fifth of what their North American counterparts did over the same period, or $6.9 billion, and have $2 billion in dry powder.

Preqin says 35% of the North American firms are located in California and 11% in New York. Almost a quarter of European funds have roots in the United Kingdom, 11% in France and nine percent in Germany.

The largest early stage firm measured by money raised exclusively for early stage investing over the 10-year period is Greylock Partners of Menlo Park, Calif. The firm raised $2.8 billion.

The largest European firm is Sunstone Capital, with $933 million raised over the same period and a focus on the Nordic region.