NVCA Partners with StartUpHire to Track Jobs Data

Need a job? Maybe something at a little VC-backed startup?

Then you might want to give StartUpHire a try. The National Venture Capital Association today announced today its partnership with the job search engine StartUpHire to collect data on venture-backed job openings nationwide.

Launched earlier this year as a service for burgeoning tech companies, The Vienna, Va.-based company, which is self-funded, currently lists more than 10,000 jobs at more than 2,500 U.S. companies that are backed by venture firms.

The site should get much use in today’s economy. StartUpHire provides a search engine allowing users to filter listings by industry, geography, functional area and even investor.

From the POV of a VC, the job board also has value. I first heard about the site in January when Washington, D.C.-based VC Steve Fredrick told me about it. Fredrick, a general partner with Grotech Ventures, was one of the instigators behind the site and has served as an advisor to the company.

The site not only helps portfolio companies attract talent, but Fredrick explained that it also provides venture investors with the means to easily add a careers section to their websites, listing all jobs across their portfolio. Fredrick says that investors can also use StartUpHire to stay better apprised of portfolio hiring needs beyond the executive level.

“I think 10,000-plus jobs is pretty impressive in this climate,” notes Fredrick. “It says the economic engine of venture capital is alive and well despite challenging times.”

The NVCA says that a snapshot of the jobs listed on StartUpHire on May 15, showed that 31% of the jobs are in the software industry, 18% in IT services, and 8% in business products and services.  As you might expect, California hosts 37% of the jobs listed, followed by the Mid-Atlantic region at 15% and Massachusetts at 10 percent.

The NVCA plans to use data from StartUpHire to track ongoing employment trends and chart the contribution of the companies to economic recovery and new job creation.