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PE HUB Healthcare Wire Highlights, 8.30.18

Sterling Partners spinout RiverGlade forms oral surgery group

Happy Thursday healthcare folks!

This is Chris, in for Sarah, who is traveling somewhere in Denmark right now, I believe.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much for you today on the healthcare front. We’ll be back to normal next week when Sarah returns.

I did find this story interesting — RiverGlade Capital, a spinout from Sterling Partners, formed US Oral Surgery Management. The initial investment in the platform came in November 2017 by RiverGlade and Thurston Group with the combination of two oral surgery groups in Austin and Dallas.

Since then, the company partnered with three additional oral surgery groups in Dallas, San Antonio and Waco, TX.

Oral Surgery Management is led by Rick Hall, president and CEO. Hall previously worked as president of Alliance Oncology and SVP of business development, marketing and physician recruitment at US Oncology.

RiverGlade launched last year after Sterling Partners decided to forgo raising a new fund and move forward on a deal-by-deal basis. RiverGlade has been in market with its debut fund targeting $300 million, Buyouts previously reported.


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