PE Won’t Kiss Bonuses Goodbye

Wall Streeters might have to kiss their bonuses goodbye, but PE pros have nothing to worry about. It’s a big deal this year, since financial types make most of their money in bonuses. Here’s some specific numbers from Glocap and Thomson Reuters’ 2008 PE Compensation Report.

Surprisingly, PE pros were beat out of the biggest breadwinner title by the partners at the big VC firms. The bonuses are lower, but the base is higher. However, this study excludes the likes of Henry Kravis and Steve Schwarzman, since their firms manage more than $5 billion. Click to see the breakdown.

Firms with $2 billion to $5 billion under management in 2008/9:
Analyst: Base 65-95K, Bonus 70-100%
Associate: Base 80-125K, Bonus 55-125%
Sr. Associate: Base 130-175K, Bonus 60-140%
VP: Base 160-225 Bonus 75-185%
Principal: Base 200-275K Bonus 75-250%
Partner: Base 300-600K Bonus 100-325%

That’s a gigantic jump from PE firms with 0-$300 million under management.
Analyst: Base 55-75K, Bonus 25-75%
Associate: Base 70-90K, Bonus 50-80%
Sr. Associate: Base 110-135K, Bonus 30-100%
VP: Base 130-155 Bonus 40-110%
Principal: Base 150-200K Bonus 35-125%
Partner: Base 200-350K Bonus 40-110%

Compensation for venture firms with $2 billion+ under management.
Analyst: Base 65-90K, Bonus 25-75%
Associate: Base 95-125K, Bonus 50-100%
Sr. Associate: Base 130-160K, Bonus 60-100%
VP: Base 175-215 Bonus 60-100%
Principal: Base 200-260K Bonus 75-120%
Partner: Base 425-525K Bonus 85-125%

But that pales in comparison to what portfolio company CEOs made in 2007. See the total compensation for the CEOs of the top five LBO’d companies of ’06 here.