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peHUB First Read

Cofee* Yet another private company stock exchange is poised to launch, following recent efforts like SecondMarket, XChange, InsideVenture, etc. This one is called SharesPost, and features a photo of Adeo Ressi on its homepage (which would seem to indicate more interest in entrepreneurial clients than VC clients).

* Joseph Stiglitz: “When the current crisis is over, the reputation of American-style capitalism will have taken a beating—not least because of the gap between what Washington practices and what it preaches. Disillusioned developing nations may well turn their backs on the free market.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures are mixed, London opens flat, European shares rise, the Nikkei climbs 1.6% and China stocks slide on IPO worries.

* George Soros: Credit default swaps are “instruments of destruction,” and should be banned. 

* Jeff Segal on the Sand Hill Mafia, and the problems it could pose for Obama.

* McKinsey releases a study on what natural and economic disasters have in common.

* A bear market for Ponzi schemes.

* Intern Nation (aka the no-pay economy)

* How the recession is affecting Hollywood: