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Cofee* Trying to convince your “Main Street” pals to support the bailout? Here’s a compelling argument.

* Of course, the bailout plan we’ve all come to know is not the same one being voted on by the Senate today. I’m not so much talking about raising the FDIC cap, so much as this: “The legislation also includes a ‘Mental Health Parity’ provision, which would require health insurance companies to cover mental illness at parity with physical illness.” I totally support that provision… in a different bill.

* Buyout firms are having a very tough time finding leveraged loans, which often leaves mezzanine debt as the next best thing.

* Surviving the credit crisis: A guide for entrepreneurs.

* Calcanis on startup depression. Wilson chimes in.

* Economist Joe Stiglitz on the worst case scenario.

* Citi’s deal with Wachovia was more an asset purchase than a takeover. That means that there’s still some Wachovia left to be had, and Heidi wonders if Morgan Stanley will be the buyer.

How the U.S. saved the Europeran banking system.

* The race for energy: What will it mean for Western firms?

* Wallstrip on the bailout: [youtube][/youtube]