peHUB First Read

Cofee* You can now get a master’s degree in business ethics and compliance.

* Sim Simeonov: Startups that VCs are dying to invest in.

* Dredge funds: Tracking the stimulus on the Mississippi.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London slips early, European shares break winning streak, the Nikkei hits two-week high and China shares post their best gain in seven weeks.

* The Carlyle Group has a Facebook squatter.

* After dark, a Boston-area VC firm turns into an iPhone skunkworks.

* David Reilly: Goldman Sachs’ PR problem could take a bite out of its profits.

* Are successful musicians effectively becoming VCs for the next crop of rock stars?

* Elizabeth Warren returns to blogging, with 3 Myths about the Consumer Financial Product Agency.

* Who says sky-high VC valuation are dead? Ning raises $15 million at a $750 million mark.

* Which college grads make the most money?

* Venture capital’s role in a UK economic recovery.

* There is an actual proposal to turn part of Central Park into an airport. Well, it could cut down the commute (depending on the ferocity of the protesters)…