peHUB First Read

Cofee* Andy Sack asks if Seattle venture capitalists suck: “It’s five or 10 times easier to get into Harvard University than it is to get venture capital.”

* The impact of private equity ownership on corporate tax avoidance (.pdf)

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London rises early, European shares inch higher, the Nikkei slips as Toyota dips and banks push down both Hong Kong and China.

* Matthew Goldstien on Geithner’s outburst:

“Well, good for him. It’s about time someone in the Obama administration got a little red in the face over the financial crisis. But here’s the thing: the Treasury Secretary’s temper tantrum was misdirected and he ended up taking his anger out on the wrong parties. The people Geithner really needs to be delivering a few choice words to are the nation’s bankers — especially the ones who were bailed out by U.S. taxpayers and now act as if last fall never happened.”

* Rob Day: Why cleantech venture investments fail.

* Daniel Gross on why you’ve stopped watching CNBC. Alternate (read: narcissistic) theory could be that I haven’t been on in a while…

* Lauren Silva Loughlin: Buyout firms shouldn’t expect to be treated like Donald Trump, when they try renegotiating loans.

* Flack Alert: The Wall Street Journal and its DJ Wire tentacles will no longer accept herd embargoes.

* Berkeley Ventures launches as a new Bay Area incubator for high-tech startups.

* Country banks as VC firms in the first industrial revolution (h/t Kedrosky)

* Where are They Now: What happened to Wall Street’s senior women?

* Chris Ahearn (aka my boss’ boss’ boss): Why I believe in the link economy.