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peHUB First Read

Cofee* “Toxic bonus” bankers clean up good.

* Energy Future Holdings (aka TXU) lenders resist loan amendment plan. Apparently it’s not always so easy to rewrite history…

* Last October, I wrote a post called Buyout Firm Behaving Badly. The subject was The Cypress Group, which was calling down all $120 million of its remaining fund capital to prop up existing portfolio companies, just before the (extended) investment period was set to expire. In other words, hold LP money hostage in the vague hope of reducing a potential $50m clawback. Today, the NY Post reports that investors may vote to liquidate the fund.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures mixed ahead of jobs data, London falls early, European shares slump, the Nikkei keeps climbing and policy worries drag down China and Hong Kong shares.

* Was the DOS attack on Twitter and Facebook actually targeted at just a single user?

* Mike Hammill, econ policy analyst at the Atlanta Fed: Each recovery is the same, each recovery is different.

* D’uh study: Reliance on credit card debt affects startups’ survival chances

* Obama is in no rush to decide Big Ben’s fate.

* Jonah Lehrer: The truth about grit.

* TechCrunch publishes the Spotify cap table (or at least a close proximity)

* Don’t think we should be equating “private equity industry” with the Private Equity Council. Not saying there is a chasm on this particular issue (FDIC proposal on bank investing), but there’s a reason why this group’s membership is exclusive to the biggest dogs (and perhaps why one of them, THL Partners, decided to drop out).