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peHUB First Read

Cofee* The Economist’s Buttonwood: The Private Equity Puzzle

* Four Boston-area entrepreneurs blog about their own failures.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares climb on banks, the Nikkei falls 1.6% and Hong Kong falls one percent.

* Rasmussen: Most American think a government job is best, followed by self-employment.

* Distressed investor Howard Marks: The biggest bargains are behind us.

* BreakingViews: Big Beer “almost begs for an anti-trust review.”

* Pete Lattman argues that Ted Kennedy was largely responsible for turning public sentiment against private equity, when he bashed Mitt Romney over layoffs at a Bain Capital portfolio company, during their 1994 Senate race. He might be right on that point, but not on a corrolary that the PE issue marked that campaign’s turning point. Instead, the real turning point was when Kennedy rhetorically disemboweled Romney during their first debate.

* Rob Kuhling, a partner with OVP Venture Partners, says the healthcare debate should not distract VCs making med-tech investments (yes it’s in a press release, but OVP does some good thinking on such topics – check out their blog).

* Get Going: Holiday air travel rates down 22%, NYC hotels down 29%.

* Bruce Bartlett: The federal deficit would have been nearly as big under President McCain.

* Totaly unrelated: Eight redeeming qualities of the Gobots.