peHUB First Read

Cofee* Obama’s dealmakers

* The cash crisis at Chrysler deepens, and people are beginning to talk about a break-up. Cerberus may not have really paid anything for the automaker, but it’s one hell of a reputation killer.

* Morning call: Jobs report coming, U.S. futures up, European shares rebound, Hong Kong up and Nikkei down.

* Ben Stein on the election and economy, including this gem:

Mr. Paulson is the worst Treasury secretary that has ever been. On one hand he’s a contemptuous rich schmuck, on the other hand he’s socializing American finance. Everything he touches he does wrong. He was the worst possible choice and really a disgrace to the office… Paulson is not taking anywhere near the beating he deserves. He deserves a beheading.

* Every week, it seems that there is a new call for Blackstone Group to take itself private. The latest one comes from BreakingViews.

* Morgan Stanley says that sovereign wealth funds could lose up to 25% this year.

* Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook doesn’t feel any pressure to live up to that $15 billion valuation. 

* The credit crunch stalls development plans for Boston’s Downtown Crossing.

* It’s also prompting murders and suicides. No that’s not a metaphor.

* Steve Ballmer: Price doesn’t matter, no new bid for Yahoo.

* Bob Pisani: What we need is no more surprises.

* Al Gore joins Twitter.

* What is the future for Islamic finance? (sub req.)

* Wallstrip on the dollar: