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peHUB First Read

CofeeWire readers: Here is the correct link for 9/11 First Read  (apologies for the goof)

CalPERS is prepping a letter that would take “a neutral position” on the SEC’s proposed placement agent ban. Thou doth not protest enough…


* Do private equities have higher “quality” accounting than public equities? That’s apparently the finding of some HBS faculty. The link is to an abstract of an article that is not yet published, but you can download an old working version of it by clicking here.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises on miners, European shares slide on banks, the Nikkei climbs 2% and China shares snap rally.

* Shia LeBeouf spent Tuesday at CNBC, prepping for his Wall Street role. Maybe he should now head to Idaho and hug it out with Dick Fuld…

* Mark Suster: A tale of two startup pitches.

* IPEV has issued revised PE/VC valuation guidelines, in part to account for the introduction/evolution of fair-value accounting rules in the U.S.

* Harold Goldberg: What happens to the music-based gaming market if Beatles Rock Bank doesn’t sell?

* Could China be a $1 trillion greentech market? (yup, that’s trillion with a “t”)

* The aftershock of hard negotiations.

* George Washington University moves deeper into commodities as inflation protection. Will other endowments follow suit (h/t Kedrosky)