peHUB First Read

Cofee* Does private equity need a new name?

* The carried interest tax debate rears its righteous head.

* Is EA going to buy VC-backed gaming darlings Zynga or Playfish?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rise on Intel and J.P. Morgan earnings, London falls early, European shares hit 2009 highs, the Nikkei edges lower and Hong Kong closes up 1.95%.

* Joost continues to sink (as collateral damage from the Skype battle?). TechCrunch reports that it has liquidated its UK subsidiary.

* New research says that hedge funds misrepresent fund performance during investor due diligence.

* Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs a bill that would require the disclosure of fees paid to placement agents who get state pension fund business, plus the disclosure of any gifts or campaign contributions made by agents to pension board officials. Pretty weak stuff, but it’s a start…

* Even more lawyers get caught up in the fallout of Allen Stanford’s alleged fraud.

* A reminder that our sold-out peHUB Dallas Shindig is tonight, at the Uptown Bar & Grill. Tomorrow is Buyouts Texas, where I’ll be moderating a debt panel and interviewing Bob Boldt, former UTIMCO CIO who now runs the Agility group for Perella Weinberg.

* Maria Bartiromo interviews CalPERS CEO Joe Dear, about its strategy to stem losses. He reiterates the alternatives allocation, but doesn’t get any questions about the pay-to-play scandal that is swirling about: